EdgePRO lights the way to a pristine clean with laser-focused precision to help your endodontist remove the bacteria and biological debris from complex anatomy that is creating the source of your pain while preserving healthy tooth structure. Many EdgePRO patients report a positive in-procedure experience and post-procedure comfort.

EdgePRO technology supports conservative endodontic access and optimal patient outcomes by generating water-seeking rays of light that reach into complex anatomy for a deep canal clean to help remove up to 99% of the bacteria commonly found in the root canal system.

Bacteria and biological debris often reside deep within complex anatomy, making it difficult to remove without EdgePRO.​ EdgePRO assists in removing bacteria and biological debris from complex anatomy while preserving healthy tooth structure.​

Cleaning. Enhanced.​

EdgePRO Radiance Cleaning Technology supports designing a customized patient​ protocol based on the micro-anatomy of the patient’s tooth.​

Outstanding cleaning, disinfection and debridement can be achieved with precision thanks to the design of the EdgePRO Radiance Cleaning Tips.​ EdgePRO Radiance Cleaning Tips generate waves of light energy that reach deep into complex tooth anatomy. They selectively seek water and the hydroxyapatite found in dentin.​

Procedure. Enhanced.​

EdgePRO versatility allows for an expanded​ indication window, meaning more patients qualify as ideal candidates for the EdgePRO procedure.​

Experience. Enhanced.​

Many patients report a positive in-procedure experience & post-procedure comfort.​

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